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Eric Reynolds

There’s an occasional advantage to thinking in poetry; this book is one of them. It just sort of happened one day as I was looking at a tree (yes, that’s one of the answers). I was born a self-professed word nerd and I get a kick out of crafting communications for a number of clients through my business Wordcraft Corporate Storytelling Co. I write riddles and a sundry of other creative projects from my home in Langley, BC. Rätsel: Original Riddles is my first book in print and the compilation of my notebook from my time in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Toronto (Ontario) and Calgary (Alberta).

I would like to thank the Swiss L’Abri and it’s summer term students of 2013, particularly Carlin, Molly, Anita, Emilie and Lynnea. Also, a big thank you to Ralph and Valeri at Destinée Media for your help in the publishing process and Brendan for your encouragement during the home stretch. To Rebekka, this book would be nothing without your artistic touch all over it. And, of course, to my wife who patiently endured every single riddle multiple times. You are a gift.

May the mystery, complexity and irony of this created world restore in us a childlike wonder and gratitude to our Creator.

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